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The Fellowship of the Maple Leaf (FML) exists to promote links between the Church in Canada and the United Kingdom by furthering mutual learning in our engagement with each others' cultures.

To achieve this, grants of two kinds are awarded:
  • Individual bursaries to clergy, ordinands and lay people for study and cross-cultural experiences for Canadians visiting the UK and for people from the UK visiting Canada.These may be for extended placements lasting three months or more, or for short term placements lasting less than three months.
  • Grants for projects. For example:
    • Projects for the development of ministry.
    • Projects in the fields of Christian education and training, social responsibility, cross-cultural communication, and pastoral work.
    • Projects related to the indigenous people of the 'First Nations' in 'Assisted Dioceses' in Canada.
The Trustees meet twice a year in March and September, to transact the business of FML and approve grant allocations. Applications for grants may be made at any time; arrangements are in place for allocating grants in the periods between Trustees' meetings where this is appropriate.


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